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Road Orient Ltd. was founded in ..... and it is a fully Hungarian owned company. Originally founded under the name of Mónika Alexandra Balogh EV., has been on the international markets for many years and during this time it established reliable relationships on the part of consigners and subcontractors also. We spacialise and provide excellent service in international road transport. Our target countries are the major areas of Eastern- and Western Europe, such as Ukraine, Russia, Kazahstan, Northern Italy, Germany and France.Wealsomake export and import shipments to these countries.

We operate under the Hungarian general Conditions of Carriage Act however any not requlated questions are governed by the CMR Convention and the laws of PTK. In order to achieve higher level of service, our company also has Transport Liability Insurance.

We employ multilingual, experienced colleagues at Your disposal. Our staffs are undergo continuous trainings to ensure we follow the market requriement on a professional and linguistic level. This enables us to build confidence in our existing and our potential future clients. Through our flexibility we provide high level of service to all of our customers. We work with trusted subcontractors and have built a reliable relationship with them so we can offer excellent and high quality service. In our price we try to make offers that are appropriate for both parts and also reflect our reliability and qualitative work.

Most of our transportation to the East are done by subcontractors from Eastern Europe, this way we can offer a better price to our customers. We are in contact with several small and large companies in these areas, which allows us to perform a wide range of transporting tasks on roads.

We work with partners, who have proven their professionalism and reliability in previous years. With partners who also care about the safety of the goods.

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Adress: Budapest, 1041,
Latabár Kálmán u. 3. fsz.1.
Tel: 00-36-1/369-7008


  • Partial and complete loads
  • Export and import loads
  • Transhipment